Thursday, August 13, 2009

There is now an alternative to PowerPoint Presentations? That's right, Prezi offers a way to do presentations that Harvard Business Review called "Insanely great," and Techcrunch said was the, "coolest online presentation tool I have ever seen."
Prezi is an application that has 3 positive features:
  1. It does not require you to download anything to your computer,
  2. You can link to any file you create,
  3. And my favorite, it's FREE!
This is an application that is easy to learn and can include images and videos in your presentations. You can click here to see a Prezi presentation I made on "Facebook and Twitter for Education." You can also go to and watch the one minute video and look at the other examples.
Give Prezi a try and you might say goodbye to Powerpoint. As always, call if you need help with this or any other application that might help you in the classroom.

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