Monday, September 29, 2008

ANGEL Wingtips

As a service to our instructors, we have a blog just for ANGEL 'how-to' tips and we call it ANGEL Wingtips.  The blog address is

If you have any requests for items to add to the Wingtips, please send Jeff or Angela a note or post a request on the blog and we will add it to our list.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Websites for Videos

Did you know that there are several options for finding videos that can help with student learning besides YouTube and Teacher Tube? e>Training magazine listed several sites in their September, 2008 edition. I have looked at these sites and provide a link, short description and review (graded from * for not so good to ***** for an excellent site) in the list below.
  • Blip TV a place where individuals can post their videos using any format they chose.****
  • eHow is a site with lots of instructions on how to do a variety of activities.***
  • eyejot is a sight that requires a free registration and a webcam. You can upload a video massages. Could be a nice way to introduce students to your class.****
  • FixMyMovie takes movies from your mobile phone or digital camera and improves the quality of them by increasing the resolution and brightens them up. ****
  • Instructables is a site that calls itself the world's biggest Show and Tell. Like eHow it has a lot of "how to's." All the way from how to draw graffiti to how to make a Flintstones car. *****
  • Kyte is another site with videos made and from TV shows from around the world.**
  • LearnHub is a site that offers more than videos. It describes itself, "for people who love learning and sharing knowledge with others. It is a set of tools that make learning online fun and engaging, and teaching online easy and effective." Nice site and well laid out.*****
  • LearningPortal, like LearningHub, has good materials for learning. It's just not as broad ranged.***
  • Mydeo offers free (for one month) hosting for high quality video streaming. Videos kept longer than a month have a charge.**
  • Qik is like Twitter for video. People can upload videos from their mobile phones and share them with the world. Educational value--low, uniqueness--high!**
  • SchoolTube has lots of videos uploaded from schools (primarily K-12). There are some good videos under the Educators tab.
  • Seesmic is another site where you can upload videos but it looks very cool. Videos can be linked from other sites. It appears to have good customer service. There were 16 employees on line when I reviewed the site.*****
  • SpotMixer will help you make video ads that could be uploaded to YouTube or downloaded as an MP4. Could have value for a Marketing class. There is a cost for this site.*
  • UStream is a place to broadcast your TV show, at no cost. This is really an interesting site and it has a large library of previously created shows.*****
  • Veodia is another site where you can create videos that can be uploaded to iPods, websites or even Second Life. I couldn't find any information on cost (there must be some since there is no advertising on the site.****
  • VoiceThread "is a powerful new way to talk about and share your images, documents, and videos." At least that's what they say. There is a charge, but free registration will allow some commenting, images and sharing for free. Looks interesting.***
If any of these sites are interesting to you or you would like help in using them, please give us a call in ITDE. We want to help.