Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here is a great application that you can use to easily create an exciting slideshow? Using ANIMOTO can make you can look like a professional.

This is one of neatest Web 2.0 application I've seen, and once you've seen it I'm sure you'll agree! Take a look at this example I created for the 2009 NUTN Conference:

I made this by simply uploading images, selecting the music from the site and ANIMOTO did the rest. Here's the best part--it was FREE! And once your done you can share your video by posting it to Facebook, Blogger, MySpace, or any number of other online sites as well as YouTube.

You need to set up an account (it's free) and then start uploading JPG or GIF images. There are some size restrictions (images need to be less than 5MB) and the free slideshow is limited to 30 seconds, but you can look pretty creative in that time. If you want to create longer shows you need to sign up for an All-Access Pass. Sounds like a catch doesn't it, but it only costs $30.00 a year for unlimited videos of extended length. I really encourage you to take a look at this site. You can use slideshows to introduce content in your classes or for showing off your children. You can even have students create slideshows for class projects. There are lots of creative uses that you can find.

Here is an example of a movie that I created (another one for the NUTN Conference) using the All-Access Pass I purchased (yes, I sprung for the $30.00) and was able to download to my computer when I finished. It's the same length because that is how long the song is.

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