Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Students Interaction with Technology

Today's students come to college with more engagement with technology than in the past. Gone are the days that an overhead projector is considered high tech. Most classrooms now have document cameras, multimedia projectors and computers that can connect students with sites around the world. Not only do the classrooms have technology, but students have cell phones, laptop computers and PDA's and they use them. Text messaging, instant messaging, social networks, wikis and blogs are part of life for our students.
How can an instructor utilize technology to engage students and promote student learning? This is the question that this blog will strive to address. We will try to find ways to introduce, and train, faculty to what is available--and maybe more importantly--to what the students are using. Instructional Technology is a dynamic element in education. Every day new applications are introduced. Current applications are revised and some are replaced. We want to keep you informed of the changes being made.
This blog will be updated at least monthly, and hopefully more often than that. Keep an eye on this site to find out more about the use of instructional technology in the classroom.

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